OKC's first social model hospice.

Our Mission:  Agape Road endeavors that no one will die alone, in fear, or in pain.

Services Provided

Agape Road is a loving home that offers physical, emotional and spiritual support to those who are nearing end of life.

  • Routine personal care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, assistance with transfers and repositioning, assistance with eating, and various other care related functions.
  • Meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping
  • Administering guests’ medications as prescribed by medical plan of care.

Social Model Hospice - A home where terminally ill people, who are on hospice, come to be cared for, when home care has become unmanageable.

Why Social Model Hospice?

  • Community-based organization filling this deep need in the Oklahoma City area

  • 24-hour care provided at no cost
  • Paid caregivers and volunteers provide services under the direction of their local hospice

  • A home to spend one's last days surrounded by love and support
An independent nonprofit organization
  • Where family and friends are encouraged to visit


Unconditional love, love by choice and by an act of the will.  The word denotes unconquerable benevolence and undefeatable goodwill.  Agape will never seek anything but the highest good for fellow mankind.  It’s God’s unconditional love.  It does not need a chemistry, an affinity or a feeling.

– Strong’s Concordance

Our Leadership

Julie Brown

Executive Director

Suzanne Land

President of the Board

How much would you give to provide one day of quality care for your loved one?

Calling All Volunteers!

Volunteer for one of our committees:


Oversee planning and coordination of all fundraising efforts

Develop an annual plan to secure funding to meet operating expenses and expenses associated with growth, an annual appeal, special events, grant writing, memorials, etc.

Develop and implement a capital campaign to secure funding for the construction, maintenance and operation of a permanent facility

Develop plans to express appreciation to all donors

Interested? Contact Julie @ 405-990-7761


Monitor existing facilities

Evaluate and make recommendations for adding a second temporary facility

Oversee the re-design of a permanent facility

Thereafter, monitor the condition, maintenance and repair of the permanent facility

Interested? Contact Julie @ 405-990-7761


Develop plans to increase public awareness of Agape Road

Create a speaker’s bureau

Develop a presentation to be used at fundraising/educational events

Assist the Fundraising Committee in marketing, promoting and advertising events or fundraising efforts

Interested? Contact Julie  @ 405-990-7761

Board Governance:

Develop criteria for new board members 

Analyze the board to identify strengths and weaknesses

Identify, screen and recommend prospective board members

Analyze the effectiveness of the board’s governance

Recruit potential board members; conduct orientation for new members

Develop recommendations with respect to board term limits and non-profit trends

Interested? Contact Julie @ 405-990-7761


Review the operations of Agape Road

Assist in developing and implementing an on-going process of self-evaluation

Develop admission criteria

Establish a back-up plan in the event of the emergency absence of the executive director

Provide support to the Executive Director in dealing with issues relating to operations

Assist with reviewing personnel needs, schedules of salaries and benefits and development of personnel policies

Develop an evaluation plan of the executive director

Establish a succession plan for executive director

Interested? Contact Julie @ 405-990-7761


Assist in the preparation of an annual budget

Review and present monthly financial statements

Develop and recommend policies relating to the sale of securities

Assist in preparing pro forma budgets in relation to growth and future planning

Coordinate with other committees regarding future needs

Make recommendations regarding all financial policies and controls

Implement an annual independent audit relating to the fiscal operations of Agape Road 

Interested? Contact Julie @ 405-990-7761

Request a Volunteer Application to assist guests and families:

Click Volunteer Application to download the application or if you don’t have printer,  fill out the request form below to request a copy be emailed to you.  Return completed application to agaperoadokc@gmail.com or mail to 8212 Rambling Rd., Oklahoma City, OK  73132.

Media: Agape Road in the News!

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Our Mission

Agape Road endeavors that no one will die alone, in fear, or in pain.

Agape Road Home: 
6601 NW 48th Street
Bethany, OK  73008


Tel: (405) 990-7761

Email: agaperoadokc@gmail.com

Mail: 8212 Rambling Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73132


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